With the photography project, unmonumental, I document the negative spaces that remain following the slow dismantling of confederate statues from public spaces throughout the United States. Tracing their covering, removal, and relocation, these voids act as a visual representation of an America that still grapples with how to deal with its own history.  These stumps of former monuments now bear the markings of new authors in this ongoing battle. While there are still 700 of these statues throughout the United States, their removal has drawn great praise and criticism and highlights the United States own inability to confront its role and foundation in slavery and white supremacy. The majority of these statues were erected during times of racially divided civil unrest (Jim Crow and Civil rights era) and served as a reminder as to who was in power. These statues hold a huge impact on the architecture and psyche of place. With this project I am not interested in the statues of men themselves but the void and unfinished history that is left in their removal and eventual permanent resting place, wherever that may be.